Dearborn County, Indiana

Want to be a part of a new, up and coming neighborhood community? Are you in the market looking to find your forever home or land to call your own? White Pines Estates is one of the newest developments in Dearborn County, Indiana, offering 56 single family home sites. Choose your building site from level to slightly rolling, or a mature wooded setting. Home sites range from just over a ½ acre to 1 ½ acres.

We are located in Northern Dearborn County (Logan Township), just off Short Road, Gaynor Ridge Road, and  North Dearborn Road. This community is minutes from I-74, local schools, public library, and shopping in Harrison and Lawrenceburg areas.

The new phase is being constructed now!  This phase includes all lots on the new interior streets which are White Pines Drive, Conifer Court, Lacebark Court, and Torrey Court.  These lots are currently available for purchase.  Please call for pricing and availability.

View the map below to see the layout.   If you would like more information, please give us a call.

Please Call for Pricing – (812) 637-1787 

Please call for current lot pricing and up to the date availability.


From Cincinnati: I-74 West to US 52 West (Brookville exit) to State Route 46 West. Take a left on Whites Hill Road to right on North Dearborn Road, to right on Short Road

From Batesville: I-74 East to State Route 1 (St Leon exit), Right on State Route 1 to left on North Dearborn Road to left on Short Road

From Greendale / Lawrenceburg: I-275 (Greendale/Lawrenceburg exit) go straight to State Route 1 North, continue 3 miles past Perfect North Slopes to right on Sawdon Ridge Road. Turn right on North Dearborn Road to left on Short Road


More Information

White Pines Estates is convenient to:

  • Sunman Dearborn School Corporation
  • North Dearborn branch of the Lawrenceburg library
  • Three parks nearby with walking paths, playground equipment and picnic area
  • Shopping and Restaurants in the Harrison, Lawrenceburg and Batesville area
  • Perfect North Slopes
  • Lawrenceburg Event Center
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport within 30 minutes

Utility companies serving White Pines Estates:

  • Water: Tri Township Water
  • Electric: Southeast Indiana REMC
  • Natural Gas: Ohio Valley Gas
  • Sewer: St. Leon Sewer
  • Cable/Internet: Comcast
  • Phone/Internet: Cincinnati Bell
  • Trash Removal: Rumpke

 White Pines Estates Building Plan

  • Developer to approve all home and site plans, exterior finishes and out buildings.
  • Covenants and restrictions are in place.  See below.
  • Purchase a lot to build now or in the future.
  • Master Builders are available to help you with your custom building needs.

Covenants and Restrictions

1. All lots in Phase I of this subdivision shall be used exclusively for the construction of one (1) detached single family dwelling. Each dwelling shall include an attached private garage of no less than 400 square feet and suitable for parking of not fewer than two (2) cars. The following must receive written Developer approval prior to the commencement of construction: home plans, home size, home placement on lot, exterior finishes, outbuilding plans and the proposed Builder of such improvements.

2. Underground homes, modular homes, mobile homes, A-frames, log homes and outside wood stoves are prohibited.

3. Satellite dishes greater than eighteen (18) inches in diameter are prohibited. All radio antennas, including CB radio antennas, must be enclosed in the dwelling. No towers may be erected on any lot.

4. The following types of fences shall be permitted on all lots.

Rear Yard Boundary Fencing:
A. Fencing which follows the Property Line enclosing a rear yard may only use a split rail
fence with (3) rails with or without non-reflective wire mesh or a hedge fence.

Fencing described in “A” above must meet the following criteria:
1. No fencing is permitted in the sides or front yard. The installed fence must not be in
excess of four (4) feet in height and must be located in the rear yard of the lot.
2. Rear yard boundary fencing requires prior written approvable from the
Developer before install.

Small Area enclosed with Fencing:
B. Fencing enclosing a smaller area in the rear yard such as a fence which surrounds a
swimming pool, hot tub or a small play area fenced in for children or pets may use a
split rail fence limited to (3) rails with or without non-reflective wire mesh, decorative
PVC–vinyl fence, decorative ornamental iron, or decorative metal. Barbed wire, chain link
or similar fences shall be prohibited. However, all fences constructed of the aforesaid
materials shall be at least 50% open. Fencing for swimming pools must meet all county
regulations and code.

Fencing described in “B” above must meet the following criteria:
1. No fencing is permitted in the sides or front yard. The installed fence must not be in
excess of four (4) feet in height and must be located in the back yard of the lot.
2. No Small Area fencing or decorative fencing may extend past the side edges of the
home or be closer than 30’from their White Pines Estates rear lot line.
3. Small Area fencing requires prior written approvable from the Developer before install.

C. Fencing restrictions described in “A “and “B” above do not apply to any fencing, including
decorative fencing, installed by the Developer.

5. Construction of a residential dwelling and driveway on any lot shall be completed within one (1) year from the date on which construction is started, and any disturbed areas of the lot must be restored using seed and straw or sod.

6. Guidelines: It is recommended that the front yard setback for homes constructed on lots 4-12 be 85’from the right-of-way of Short Road. It is recommended that the side yard setback for a home constructed on lot 4 be no closer than 65’from the right-of-way of Gaynor Ridge Road. It is recommended that the setback for homes constructed on lots 1-3 be 85’ from the right-of-way of Gaynor Ridge Road. Home placement on lot requires prior written approval from the Developer.

7. All driveways and parking pads shall be constructed of concrete.

8. All outbuildings and placement must have prior written approvable from the Developer before install or construction.

Outbuildings must meet the following criteria:
A. Outbuildings must be constructed of new materials and have shingled roofs. Exterior
outbuildings siding, trim, shingles, brick and paint colors must match as close as possible to
that residence exterior materials & colors.

B. No more than one outbuilding is permitted per lot. Outbuildings must be placed behind the

9. No awnings, air conditioners, heat pumps, utility meters or exterior carpeting may be erected or installed on the front of the home.

10. Each and every lot, home, outbuilding, pool and fence thereon shall be maintained by the Owner in a reasonable manner in accordance with the general standards of maintenance prevailing
throughout the subdivision. No burning of any trash and no storage of litter, new or used building materials or trash of any kind shall be permitted on any Lot.

11. No obnoxious or offensive activity of any kind shall be engaged in on any Lot nor shall any Owner or occupant, thereof, engage in any activities that interfere with the quiet enjoyment, comfort and health of the occupants of adjacent neighboring Lots.

12. No inoperable vehicle shall be kept upon any lot unless stored within a garage and completely out of view.

13. No recreational vehicle, motor home, boat, trailer, farm/lawn equipment, or travel trailer shall be parked on any Lot, for a period in excess of seventy-two (72) hours for loading and unloading unless the same is in the garage and completely out of view. Commercial vehicles and trucks exceeding a one ton rating are prohibited, unless such commercial vehicles or trucks are kept in the garage and completely out of view. Commercial vehicles used by the developer, builder, delivery or repair and remodel work to or upon any lot are exempt.

14. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot. Dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept, provided that they do not exceed a total of three (3) pets and they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. All animals must be kept within the Lot boundaries unless on a leash. There will be no outdoor kennels or dog runs permitted.

15. In-ground pools, hot tubs and small children’s wading pools not exceeding 18” in height are allowed. Above-ground pools are allowed provided they have an acceptable appearance from the neighboring property as determined by the Developer. Above-ground pools cannot have a pool deck larger than 180 sq. ft. and cannot surround more than 20% of the pools surface area. Plans and placement of hot tubs, in-ground and above ground pools shall require prior written approval from the Developer.

16. Play Areas: Swing sets, trampolines and other play area shall be placed in the rear yard, provided that they do not extend past the side edges of the home.

17. No permanent sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot or right of way. An Owner in White Pines Estates is permitted one sign to place and maintain advertising the property for sale; provided, it is of a typical size within the industry. These sign restrictions shall not apply to signs install by the Developer. These sign restrictions shall not apply to signs installed by a Builder to advertise the Property during the construction or sale period.

18. Any decorative entrance wall, fence or sign erected in White Pines Estates by the Developer will be maintained by the Developer for a period of one (1) years. After that time, the maintenance of said wall, fence or sign shall be the responsibility of that property owner of White Pines Estates.

19. The Developer has the right and can grant the right to a builder to enter any public easement, private drainage easement or utility easement with storm sewers or open channels, to adjust the grade level of the yard in the easement to correct any surface water drainage issues. Easements for construction and maintenance of drainage shall be as shown on the subdivision plat.

20. Proper erosion and sediment controls shall be implemented by the Owner/builder of each lot during home construction.

21. Invalidation of any one of these covenants and restrictions by judgment or order of any court shall in no way affect the remaining provisions, which shall continue in full force and effect.

22. Once the Developer has sold all but six (6) lots total in all phases of White Pines Estates the Developer reserves the right to create or assign a Committee of three (3) members the powers and duties to approve placement and plans of outbuildings, rear fencing and pools. If a member chooses to resign or is no longer a resident of White Pines Estates the remaining two (2) members will choose the replacement member. All members must be a White Pines Estates resident.

23. These Covenants and Restrictions shall, whenever possible, be reasonably construed so as to be consistent with state, county or municipal statutes and ordinances, while advancing Developer’s intent to preserve and maintain the residential character of the development. These Covenants and Restrictions shall be enforceable by the Developer, its successors or assigns or any lot Owner. To the extent that any Covenant or Restriction, or interpretation thereof, is determined to conflict with a state, county or municipal statute, regulation, ordinance or code, the statute, regulation, ordinance or code shall control. Nothing, herein, shall be construed to permit or authorize use of any lot, which conflicts with these covenants and restrictions, which use would otherwise be permissible under state, county or municipal ordinance, regulation, statute or rule.

24. The direct discharge of stormwater from downspouts and gutters is prohibited to the County ditch (in the road right-of-way). Perimeter drains that are proposed to directly discharge into the County’s road right-a- way must be approved by the County Engineer or his or her designee prior to installation.*Please Note: This should be completed during the plot plan review and driveway permit process .

25. This development will consist of single family residential units.

26. All lots are subject to a 20’ drainage and utility easement along the front right of way line and a 7.5’ drainage and utility easement along the side and rear lot lines.

27. Current applicable zoning regulations or districts will determine building setbacks.

28. Solar panels and other outside energy saving devices or equipment require prior written approval from the developer before install.

29. These Covenants and Restrictions are for Phase I Lots 1-12 only. Additional Phases in White Pines Estates may have similar Covenants and Restrictions but may vary.

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